Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blog(s) Progress

So I'm not progressing with my blogs as quickly as I would like. I do have some sponsored links which bring in a little money each month, but I was hoping I could get more advertisers to increase my monthly income.

I've also been kind of neglecting my blog post writing because I've been too focused on advertising. Especially with Entrecard. I've been so concerned about dropping cards and advertising on people's blogs, that I didn't have time to write any posts.

I've got to remember, if you want to make money with your blog, you have to find the right mix of writing blog posts and blog networking, to keep the paying advertisers coming back, and keep the income flowing in.


Richard McLaughlin said...

I have not seen a lot of value in entrecard, after " or ' months of dropping.
To make dropping faster I made a "drop list" of sites that I wanted to drop on a regular basis. Look at - I can send you the source code and you can create your own list of people that visit you regularly.

Use social media more, it works much better than EC.


Weezy said...

Thanks for your comment. I like your site, and left a comment.
I also have a list of sites that I drop on frequently, but it's hard to do it everyday. I feel like all I'm doing is dropping cards, with no time to write blog posts.